Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 15-year-old me, It’s 2019 and you are turning 26 this year. You’re married, living in Europe, away from this country just as you wanted! It’s not as easy as you imagined it would be, but your husband makes it all worth it. Yes, you found the love of your life, and he’s wonderful. He’s… Continue reading Letter To My Younger Self

Shall We Talk About This?

Living in Lebanon isn’t exactly every homosexual’s dream. It’s a country in which every emotion has to stay at rest and every feeling has to be ignored and every thought has to be repressed. I wonder if one day I’ll ever walk in the streets of my hometown Gemmayzeh, and see two girls holding hands,… Continue reading Shall We Talk About This?

Let Go

If you were some sort of genie able to grant wishes and please everyone you know, wouldn’t you be tired by now? Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break and get out? You live your life trying to make everyone you love happy, comfortable, and feeling loved. You’re there for them on their good and… Continue reading Let Go

.الحياة، مدرسة

كنت عم فكّر اذا بكتب بالعربي اليوم، شو بِكون أريح و أهيَن بالتّعبير. أنّو ضروري دايماً بالأجنبي؟ المهمّ، الموضوع اليوم رح بِكون عن ايّام المدرسة، عن ايّام مرقت بحياتي و ما عدت حكيت فيها …كنت بتمنّى قول انن من أجمَل و أحلى أيّام، بسّ بكون عم كذّب .كتار هنّي اللي بيتمنّوا يرجع الوقت لَ ورا،… Continue reading .الحياة، مدرسة

A Long Distance Marriage

I’m not going to lie to you, this has been the most tiring year of my life. So many things happened that would leave all of you speechless, but that’s not what you’re here to read. I always looked at people going through this and thought to myself “they’re doing great” and “they’re really strong… Continue reading A Long Distance Marriage

Anxiety, My Ex Best Friend

“Why are you so angry?” “How come you never socialize, don’t you like these people?” “Do something about it” “Why don’t you face them with the truth?” “Go ahead you’ll be fine all by yourself, what do you need me for?” “You’re canceling this event, AGAIN?” “But you said you were coming this time.” These… Continue reading Anxiety, My Ex Best Friend