He Doesn't Buy Me Flowers Anymore!

He doesn’t buy me flowers anymore, I thought to myself. Why did I ever think that women needed flowers and a box of chocolate every once in a while for any relationship to be good? It must be the cheesy movies I’ve watched, I realized. To tell you the truth, I won’t find my husband… Continue reading He Doesn't Buy Me Flowers Anymore!

Here's 26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

Hey, it’s me again. Not for a travel blog post, not to talk about my German language skills either! I’m here to tell you all the things I learned in the 26 past years of my life, number one being walking and talking if we’re being honest. LOL. No but really, sharing this with you… Continue reading Here's 26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

Letter To My Family

It’s finally time, and it’s harder than all the times we’ve said goodbye before. Not because you won’t see me for a while, but because this goodbye is the one we’ve been trying to ignore. It’s the goodbye that makes it all official and true. For 9 months we waited and waited impatiently for my… Continue reading Letter To My Family


I learned a lot about myself in the past few years. I also learned a lot about other people: those I want in my life, those I don’t mind having around, and those I refuse to let in because I know better. I’ve been through a lot, especially during my teenage years, but I only… Continue reading Friends

Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone, Was It Actually Horrible?

I never thought that I’d do ANYTHING other than the things I know I can control.Being in a safe place where everything is predictable was my thing, and yetI ended up doing the exact opposite of that. Let’s go back in time for a minute.I like to compare my personality now to how it was… Continue reading Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone, Was It Actually Horrible?

Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 15-year-old me, It’s 2019 and you are turning 26 this year. You’re married, living in Europe, away from this country just as you wanted! It’s not as easy as you imagined it would be, but your husband makes it all worth it. Yes, you found the love of your life, and he’s wonderful. He’s… Continue reading Letter To My Younger Self

Shall We Talk About This?

Living in Lebanon isn’t exactly every homosexual’s dream. It’s a country in which every emotion has to stay at rest and every feeling has to be ignored and every thought has to be repressed. I wonder if one day I’ll ever walk in the streets of my hometown Gemmayzeh, and see two girls holding hands,… Continue reading Shall We Talk About This?