4 Weeks Program Just For YOU

Hi Runner!
I am excited to share this 4 Weeks Running Program with you.

Are you looking for a program that can fit easily in your weekly schedule? Do you want to keep on working out and strengthening your muscles at the gym while introducing a bit of running in your trainings? Are you bored of doing the same repetitive run everyday? Do you want to strengthen your muscles to improve your running?

You are lucky, this 4 Weeks Program is just what you need!

* It suits all levels – YUP! All levels!
* It has “optional” versions in case you want to push more.
* It helps you organize your week and stay focused.
* You can shuffle the days and modify the order.
* The extras (in red) are to tone and build up your strength in specific areas. Each week we will be focusing on a new area.
* For strength training workouts you can check my highlights “workouts” on Instagram @lr.t_ . There are plenty of workouts divided by area |(legs, arms, core, full body) or you can also use mobile applications and check YouTube videos for more workouts. I am sure each one of use likes and follows cool programs.

The program I designed here is a mix of running, strengthening, stretching and long walks.

I am not a routine kind of person, I get bored easily, that’s why the schedule varies. I did it myself and kept on changing it until I came out with this one.

I even tried it again with a group of runners (all levels); we virtually trained together for 4 weeks and day by day everyone was feeling stronger, happier and seeing huge improvements.

So I decided to share it with you through this article. I believe everyone need a little help and this Program does it for you.
It has all what your body needs to become fit and active.

I can’t wait for you to start it and don’t forget to tag me or send me your progress !

Last tip : Take it one day at a time! Don’t rush, don’t feel bad. If you had to skip a day, it’s okay, keep going and focus on the next day.

Don’t forget you have the full control of the program, you can shuffle the days and modify the order for it to suit your schedule.

Leave a comment below if you have any question, you can always message me directly through Instagram via  @lr.t_ .

Let’s do it together Runner!


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