Running is Universal

Hi Runner!

If you already read my previous articles, you surely realized that I’ve always called you “Runner”.
Why? Because you are, we all are!
It doesn’t matter if you never ran; if you like running or you don’t.
We are all Runners because Running is for everyone.

I can’t emphasize enough on this matter and that’s why I decided to write a full article about it.

I get comments like:
– “I wish I can run like you, but I am too fat.”
– “I love running but I don’t run because I’m pregnant now.”
– “I’m too old to run”
– “I love running, but I walk in between , I can’t run without stopping.”
– “Running isn’t for me. I am already too skinny.”
– “I’m not a runner because I am not fast.”

… and many more.

Running is for everyone: it has no shape, no age, no gender, no colour, no status, no ethnicity …
It doesn’t matter if you are big, small, tall or short; obese, muscular, skinny, athletic, …
Running doesn’t require any shape or form.

Running has no gender: girls can run! This might sounds stupid to you, but believe me there are still people who think that girls can’t run, or can never be fast or the typical saying : you run like a girl.
Everyone and anyone can run.

Running is for the people you call fat, skinny, tall or short;
Running is for kids, adults, moms and old people;
Running is for pregnant women, for new moms and all women;
Even your pets can run.
Running is Universal.

Running needs 2 main things: a heart to pump and lungs to breathe.
Optional, it needs a mind that has the Will Power.
You don’t even need arms and legs to be running, so be grateful if you have them.

Now tell me, what is holding you back?

Running has so many benefits that no matter what your goal is, you should consider it part of your training.
The list can be too long but here are the most important ones; Running helps you to:
Lose weight
– Sculpt and tone your body
– Build and improve your endurance
– Meditate and clear your mind
– Reduce your stress level
– Boost your energy
– Get you a better sleep
– Put you in a better shape
– Strengthen your bones
– Activate your immune system
– Reduce your cholesterol levels
– Fight against heart diseases like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, …

And the list goes on …

If you don’t know how to start : Consistency is key!
You can always start with the Start Week Program that I had previously proposed to make sure you are active on a daily basis for at least 5 mins a day.
Take it at your own pace, start slow and make sure to keep consistent : You are your run!
If running is too overwhelming, alternate between walking and fast paced walking until you feel you can move it to a light run or jog.

Today, the 3rd of June is Global Running Day: I want to take the opportunity to wish you a lovely running day.
Let’s all celebrate by running at least 1 mile (1.6 km). You can walk it, run it, alternate between walking and running: the important thing is to do it!

Do it for yourself, for you body and your mental health. Do it for the people you wish you can be running with, do it for others and for those who really can’t run.

Do it for any cause that you believe in.

Share with me your runs by tagging me in your post via Instagram (@lr.t_).
Happy Running Day, and see you next Tuesday!

– L.

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