Miracle People

On days when the universe disappoints you in every way possible, when the only happy thing on your mind is a very nostalgic memory that leaves you wanting to be alone, miracle people remind you that it’s going to be okay.

I named them miracle people, because they are the sign you are waiting for when you’re at your lowest, the hope that good people do exist. It is like they can sense you are feeling down, like they know. They know you, they have seen your soul, they understand it – even when they’re far.

They suddenly send you that text, or call out of nowhere even if it has been days that you haven’t heard from them.

Miracle people: because they lift up your spirits when you least expect it.
You wonder if your connection is deeper than it seems, as if your souls are connected on a level beyond comprehension. The universe is on your side. Suddenly, you forget that you were having a bad day.

They will send you a funny story, a joke or a simple “how have you been?” and it’s enough for you to remember that friends aren’t just people who congratulate you when you’re happy or when you’ve achieved something, they aren’t those who wish you well to your face. It’s people who wish you well behind your back, and make you smile without even trying.

They don’t judge you, but rather support you, even when you’re talking nonsense.
They give without asking, they are genuine like that.
They remind you how beautiful you are, they are beautiful like that.

Finally, on days when you wonder where your miracle people are, you realize you are it, for them.

Bless them, and bless genuine friendships.


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