You are your RUN

Hey Runner!

It’s been few weeks we are running together and it’s awesome!
But let’s face it some days we don’t really feel motivated and this is TOTALLY normal.

You are putting your body into a new kind of workout, or maybe into a new routine and it will need some time to adapt.

We don’t feel everyday like going for a happy run, or doing an insane workout. Some days we just feel lazy and we just want to skip our trainings. I know that it’s very important to listen to our body and I do that very often, but the most important thing is also not to lose the momentum of the training routine we’ve been doing; once you skip few days you get back to where you started and your motivation takes a hit. This is not where you want to be.

The hardest part is to START: believe me, once you decide to start then consider yourself half way there.
The best 3 tips I can give you is to plan your workouts, make it fun and alternate your trainings.
You have many types of running, make sure to alternate to see more results and progress.

To know more about the different types of running: Discover Running.

In running, you don’t just need a motivation but you also need a mood for it. And guess what? There are plenty of moods that would actually make you run!

The Run is YOURS and YOU get to represent it :

– If you feel lazy : Go for a lazy and comfortable run.
– If you feel energetic: pump it up with some speed and intervals.
– If you feel like dancing : dance and sing while running.
– You want some alone time to think? Go for a run: it clears your mind!
– Are you angry? Escape in a run.
– Are you feeling emotionally hungry? Go run and it will go away.
– Craving junk food? A run wouldn’t only make it worth eating whatever you want, but it will also make you crave healthier food.
– Too busy? Go for a short run (5 to 10 mins) you will come back feeling energized and ready to work harder.

There are NO RULES in running: there are so many moods and emotions out there, just add a run to it and make it yours !

To those who are still struggling and don’t really know from where to start : START WEEK is for you.

What I want you to know is that you are your own motivation, you are a runner and you lead the run the way it suits you.

Be your own run, feel it and let it be YOU!

Don’t forget to Plan, Alternate and Enjoy your trainings!

Leave your comments below or message me via Instagram on (@lr.t_).
Don’t hesitate to share with me your thoughts and feelings about your runs.

I wish you always a very happy running week!

– L.

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