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Hey Runner, happy Tuesday!

Tuesdays are the best:
First, because I get to publish a new article about running; it makes me so happy to see how motivated you all are and this inspires me to keep running more and more.
Second, you will know why, I am getting there!

I hope you are great and enjoyed last week’s Start Week Plan.
I would like to thank all of you who took this step with me and made it last week. For the ones who are planning to start it soon, I really can’t wait to hear back from you!
You should be proud of yourself! You are being active, you are motivating others to start this journey and that is inspiring to all of us!

As you know, the Start Week Plan is a 7 days program that I created for you to introduce you to running.

To know more about it click here : Start Week Plan.

It suits all levels because you get to choose to run it fully , to alternate or to take it easy by walking the full 25 mins. The real challenge is to turn it into a daily routine. Even if it is only a 7 days program your mind would still play tricks on you to find excuses to skip a day or two. But that’s okay! The best thing is to walk at least 5 to 10 mins instead of skipping.
Running 7 days in a row can be overwhelming but now it’s over: we are ready for a new week and a new plan.

Now I am sure you are asking yourself: Why did we start with a plan that had 7 days of running if we aren’t supposed to run everyday?

Well, Runner, because the first week of any plan is when your motivation is always at its best therefore I believe it is the perfect time to explore your real potential and make it more realistic the weeks after without losing that constant motivation of course.

While you are on that journey to discover running and to learn more and more about it, you should know that there are many types of running and here are the main ones that I want you to recognize for now:

Recovery Run: It is an easy run that helps you recover from a tough workout. It is perfect whenever you are suffering from sore muscles.
Ideally, recovery runs should be done once or twice per week at a slow pace, as slow as necessary.
Working hard is important to reach your goals, but recovery is as much important.

Base Run: It is a run that needs more effort than your recovery run.
A comfortable and natural run where you are able to maintain a conversation with your friend at a steady pace throughout the duration of the run.
This run helps you build your endurance and focus to work on your form.

Intervals: These workouts are a mix of repeated segments of fast running followed by brisk walks or even standing recoveries.
Intervals are perfect to test your fitness level and to push yourself to your limits.
These runs are my favourites, usually done once or twice per week: I schedule my Intervals on Tuesdays (and that is the second reason why I love Tuesdays!)

Long Run: As the name entails; this is a Base Run for a longer duration of time at a moderate and steady pace. Long runs get built up with time as you increase your mileage slowly.
Done once per week (I generally keep them for Sunday, so I have the whole day to enjoy the after long run effect).
The aim of the long run is to boost your endurance and your mental health, perfect for you to release stress and meditate while running.

I picked those 4 types specifically because they are ideal after your Start Week Plan. They will be part of my running program I am suggesting to you at the bottom of the article.
As mentioned previously, there are many other types of running: Tempo Run, Progression Run and Hill Repeat to name a few. We will be discovering those together in future articles. Stay tuned.

Why do we need different types of running?
The answer is simple; Running everyday the same run, the same distance and the same effort will just lead you to be comfortable with this particular run and soon enough, you hit a plateau: this means you stop progressing and get bored fast. BUT;

Running isn’t boring!
You have so many types to explore that will challenge you and soon enough you will be seeing improvements and results, how is that boring?

My Running Program:
Like any sports, you need to mix running with strengthening body workouts and stretching. That’s why a simple program would look like this:
– Monday : Strength Trainings (45 mins)
– Tuesday: Interval Runs (20 to 35 mins)
– Wednesday: Strength Trainings (45 mins) / or Rest Day
– Thursday: Base Run or Recovery Run (20 to 30 mins)
– Friday: Strength Trainings (45 mins)
– Saturday: Rest Day / Stretching
– Sunday: Long Run (more than 30 mins), if you are a beginner, start with a Base Run until it builds up into a Long Run.

If you are a beginner; I would recommend on running days (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) to keep doing the alternations of the Start Week Plan.

Run after run your breathing will become smoother and easier, your body will be lighter, your effort will seem easier and more comfortable.
Day after day, you will be able to see progress and my favourite word: Results.

Runner, remember as much as you inspire me, you are inspiring others as well to start this journey. Smile and keep sharing your runs!
Running is one of the simplest natural sport that we can perform and yet it takes a lot of efforts to decide to start the run and to put that foot in front of the other.

Running needs a strong, dedicated and determined person: that’s YOU, Runner!

Now draft your program for this week, and keep tracking your progress.
You can find below my personal program of the week that you can follow or change it to make it suitable for you.

Leave your comments below or message me on (@lr.t_).
I am always happy to have your feedback or answer any of your questions.

See you next Tuesday, Runner!

– L.


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