Support Lebanese Artists

If it were up to me, I would pick living in a parallel universe where majoring in Arts is a big deal and picking anything else is not good enough.

Before you call me a hypocrite, take a moment and look around you:
You’re trapped inside your house due to the corona virus and you are searching the web for ways to stay entertained, sane, and happy.
Surprise surprise: they all involve creativity, therefore art.

Now imagine if that Art was all you did for a living, and you’re not getting enough recognition for it. You still have to pay rent, go out and enjoy your social life, but you need to sell some of your creations first.

I decided to dedicate this blog post to all the Lebanese painters who are creating one masterpiece after the other, and needing our support during these hard times.

Please take some time to browse through their accounts, support them if possible – all while making your homes prettier in the process.

Thank you!

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