Hey Runner!

Quarantine … Quarantine … It’s been several weeks that we are all locked down. I am not here to write about it ; to say if it is a good thing that happened to us or not, what I care about is for you to know that even if the world paused for weeks, life didn’t.
Life is still going on, day after day, whether you are counting them or not, it really doesn’t matter.
You are breathing, this means everything is just flowing and quarantine didn’t stop it.

It’s not an excuse to stop moving or to postpone our body goals for later.
On a positive note, this quarantine pushed people to motivate each other, everyone has access to all platforms and there are many workouts and daily activities to do.

If you are already moving , that’s great! Keep going!
If you are still wondering when this will be over to start working out, then today is the time, and don’t worry you are never late.

Actually it’s never too late if the answer is to start it now. Think about it and apply it to everything in life.

Back to you Runner,
As I was saying previously, platforms are offering us plenty of exercises to do at home, and it’s really amazing!

But I feel you, Runner! Running needs space, it needs freedom.
How can we run while on a lockdown ?

– If you can go out to the park, or to run in your neighbourhood: then you don’t have a problem. Just be careful not to touch anything and keep social distancing.
– If you have a treadmill at home, then count yourself super lucky! This master piece is about to shine and I have awesome workouts to do on it.
– If, like me, you aren’t that lucky, then it’s our time to be creative. You can run in corridors (this is what I have been doing, it sounds crazy but it’s quite satisfying to be honest!), in the parking lot and your living room … There are runners who actually ran a marathon in the latter (approximately 4 to 5 hours) think about it, I am sure you can do fews minutes!

All you need is a pair of running shoes*, comfortable outfit and most importantly your Will to start now.
(* Check the Article: How to Pick the Perfect Running Shoes)

Are you ready?

Let’s GO!

We are calling this week : Start Week!
Whether it’s your week 1 or week 7, it doesn’t matter, we are starting this week. Remember you are never late if you start now, and Start Week is here, waiting for you!
Start Week will help you to be active for at least 5 minutes everyday of the week. So it is a full week program, easy and motivating to put you on the go!

For a full week I want you to think 5 minutes at a time, I call it the 5 by 5 rule. You don’t move to the next 5 mins unless you finished your previous 5 and made sure you want to keep going.
An easy 5 x 5 program will look this way :
– 5 mins Warm-up: Start with a 5 mins of brisk walk (fast paced walk) to warm up. You only jump to your next 5 minutes when the first batch is totally done.
How are you feeling? You want more?
– 5 mins Exercice 1: If you feel like running the full 5 mins, that’s amazing ; if not you can alternate : 30 secs run with 1 min brisk walk. Do it alternatively for 5 mins.
– 5 mins Exercice 2: You can take this step to run for an additional 5 mins; if not here is another alternation to help you handle running : 1 min run with 1 min brisk walk.
Once done, look at yourself, should we take another 5 more minutes? If, yes do so! If not, it’s okay, tomorrow you have another 5 by 5 round to do.
– 5 mins Exercice 3: Now it’s your chance to run for a full 5 mins ; if it’s hard , this is another option : run alternatively for 30 secs with 30 secs of brisk walk.
– 5 mins Cool Down: End it with a nice cool down, you can walk, jog or stretch : just breath and celebrate the end of the 5 x 5 workout!

Between each 5 mins, take 1 full minute to rest : breath, stretch, put your hands over your head, walk or stay in one place : it’s called active rest.

Do this for a full week, moving 5 mins at a time, don’t move to the next 5 mins if you still didn’t finish it. Before resuming to the next 5 mins : ask yourself how are you feeling? Always listen to your body, and take it slow. If at any point you feel it was enough for today, then start again tomorrow and see how you feel.
You can use the Running Log I am sharing with you at the end of the article to help you keep track of your progress. The aim isn’t to finish the 5 x 5 in one week but to make sure to move 5 mins at least every day of this week : that’s why it’s called Start Week!

And you busy Runner, you can’t be TOO busy to try at least one set of 5 mins! That’s why 5 minutes are powerful : they are short but can seem tooooo long!

For everyone fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan, I would recommend to workout 1 hour to 30 minutes before Iftar time, and I wish you a Ramadan Kareem.

From a quarantine to an actual qua-RUN-time, you are the only one who can make this difference, and it starts now.

Leave your comments below and share your 5×5 Start Week.
You can also follow me through my Instagram stories (@lr.t_), I will be starting the Start Week with you, so let’s all do it together!

See you next Tuesday!
– L.



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