3 Recipe Hacks

Hey there foodie!

I’ve got 3 recipe hacks for you today, number 3 being my favorite – no wonder guys, all I’m doing is cooking and baking and eating lately.

Let’s go!

1) The kool mom’s zucchini recipe

In Lebanon we usually stuff small zucchinis with meat & rice & spices and cook them together for a Koussa Mehchi recipe.

However, it takes a lot of time to stuff them or as Mira mentioned in her video recipe, maybe the kids don’t like to eat them this way- and here comes her hack!

A Koussa Mehchi NOT Mehchi Recipe.

Check her video below to see how it is done, I’ve tried it myself and I’m sure it saved me an hour of work!

2) the cake/cookies in a mug recipe

A very known hack but worth mentioning again, since we are all stuck home craving sweets…bonus: it’s quick to do!

I saw the recipe on Chef Leyla Fathalla’s Instagram account, which -as she explained- was inspired by Mohammad Baydoun’s video.

For this recipe you need a microwave instead of an oven; and what I love about it is that it’s eggless.

Follow the video below for the steps ❤

3) the ultimate hack

Do you ever stand in front of your fridge or pantry and wonder what on earth you could possibly cook out of the ingredients in front of you? I know I do!

The good news is, there’s a website (and an app) that will give you recipes with the exact ingredients you have at home!

By entering the ingredients you have (or want to use), SuperCook will show you different options to choose from, no matter how big or small your list is. The site has hundreds of ingredients in 20 different categories, including dairy, meats, vegetables, seasonings, fruits, baking and grains, and so on.

Say goodbye to standing like a zombie in your kitchen wondering what to eat and check out SuperCook!


What’s for dinner tonight?

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