Let’s meet!

Hey You!

I will start by introducing myself: my name is Laura Atoui Hasbini, I am an enthusiastic runner and I am here to make sure to take you on a running journey with me. If you are reading, chances are I am lucky to have a new running friend, yay!
Before telling you more about me, I will need to give you a name..
.. Easy!

I am calling you “Runner”!
Let’s start again, Hey Runner!

Let me tell you something, whether you ran to catch your bus, to train for your next marathon, or to get up from your lazy couch and get snacks from your fridge: you are a runner, and I am not changing your name!

More about me? Here you go! I started my running journey in fall 2016.
Working from 8 am to 6 pm, in an architecture design company (yes I am an architect); running became my therapy to release all the stress endured during the long working hours and my “me” time to free myself and meditate.
Believe me, running was never my thing! I also remember saying that I hate running and describe it as boring and ugly.

I am not going to lie, I was never a non-sporty person: I did yoga for 2 years ; horseback riding since I was 12 ; skiing in winter ; swimming ; etc .. but I never had that sport that I can call it my thing, until I discovered running.
It all started when I was struggling to find the fastest way to lose weight: I was out of shape, getting more belly fat, more cellulite, very stressed, etc…
I started running slowly more like a walk/run and it became something I look forward to do.

Suddenly my main focus shifted from “losing weight” to become “a better runner”.
I joined running communities and started to train with them, from a non runner to a daily runner, that for me was a rocket kind of achievement. I participated in many races : short ones 5 and 10 k, I did 3 half marathons, and one marathon.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy, as I had a lot of bumps along the way. I wasn’t always motivated, I used to throw excuses to skip trainings, but running never failed me: I was always “in love” while running even if I was absent for few months.
Throughout my journey, I got injuries, I learnt more about running, the “do’s and don’t’s” and started to realize that I am ready to share my experience with others and turn them into new runners too.

I had the opportunity to be part of a 30×30 challenge ( work out 30 mins for 30 days) where I was a running instructor for beginners. My joy was beyond words just by seeing the group getting bigger and bigger every day, gathering people from all ages, gender and all body shapes. They all saw huge results and made running their ”to go” happy place!
Talking about results. Running won’t just make you lose weight, it will boost your energy, reduce your stress level, get you a better sleep, put you in a better shape, tone your whole body, build your muscles, strengthen your bones, activate your immune system, reduce your cholesterol, pump your heart for a healthy cardiovascular system and so on.. there is no way to hate running!

Enough about me.

You will get to discover more and more throughout our journey in every article I will be writing to you.

Tell me now Runner, are you ready to take this step further?
Wait for my next article where I will be telling you about the basics of running.

Meanwhile, let’s warm up and go for a brisk walk together!

See you soon!
– L.

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