My Netflix list: Quarantine version

Anybody else just stocking up on series and movies to watch and not sure where to start from?

Join the club!

Netflix got us all sitting in front of the TV more than we would like to admit, but we still need our fun time to relax and forget what’s actually happening out there.

So I’ve made a list for you to add to your original list because I can’t get enough of these series myself! Some I’ve already watched and some I plan on watching or even rewatching!

If you would like to add more to the list, please leave your suggestions in the comments!

  • Freud
  • Fauda
  • Unorthodox
  • Cable Girls
  • Living with yourself
  • Miss Americana – Taylor Swift
  • Ozark
  • 100 Humans
  • Elite
  • Locked up
  • Community
  • Dracula
  • La reina del sur
  • Unauthorized living
  • Isi & Ossi
  • Safe
  • Bitter Daisies
  • Mindhunter
  • Alta mar
  • Le jeu
  • Transfer
  • Dark

P.S: In case you end up watching Dark, please don’t give up after the first two episodes!
It can be confusing, but it gets better. Like crazy better.

Have fun! ❤


  1. Celine kortbawi

    Lol, i’m always getting the first 5 series (on your list) suggested by netflix whenever I open it:p howeverrr i highhly recommend if you watch “peaky blinders” I LOVED IT. You might not understand anything on the first episode but don’t give up. It’s british and I hope you’ll like it. I also suggest how to getaway with murder i like it too🙊 I’m watching “reign” now and it’s good too but so far not as good as peaky blinders though🙊


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