Week 3

I’m binge-eating on chocolate as I write this blog post over some news that I secretly hoped would be a simple April fools’ prank.

I was lucky enough to start my journey at Booking.com last January, and learned a couple of hours ago that this journey is coming to an end very soon.

Unfortunately and due to the corona virus situation, many people here in Berlin are losing their jobs and I happened to be one of them. I was reading people’s posts on Facebook groups and thinking “this could be me!” but you don’t really understand how unfortunate it is until it actually happens to you!

I am extremely grateful that I got this amazing experience -from my favorite platform to book hotels for my trips- and also extremely sad that it has been this short.

I hope and wish that this is the only negative story I will have to share with you this year, because if you know me then you know and understand that my priority has and always will be the good health of everyone around me.

Everything will be okay eventually, I trust and believe in myself and in the powers of this universe, but in the meantime, I will keep eating my chocolate bars, pretend corona doesn’t exist and think that my life is amazing knowing everyone in it is safe & healthy.

Stay positive!


  1. Hey Mell! I am sorry you lost your job I know that it sucks, this pandemic has effected everyone, but i guess all that matters now is trying to stay safe and remember that “after a storm comes a calm”.

    Stay safe xoxo


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