Week 2

Does anybody else feel like they have forgotten how to plan a day out?

It’s the second week of quarantine and I’m starting to feel different.
My body is getting used to this “trapped” routine of mine and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Now, as promised, some updates:

Today I’ve decided that this time around I won’t be quitting working out because I owe it to myself to stay healthy and in shape.
If you’re motivated and want to start but don’t know where from, two of my favorite apps at the moment are HitFit and BetterMe.

I’ve been going on and on about them on my Instagram account because I’m enjoying alternating between the two apps according to what my target is that day!
I feel SUPER better than I did before, I have more energy to… stay home and do nothing else.

Okay. Anyway.

I have also been practicing my German – not that I have someone to speak with either, but it’s good to have hope that one day we will all get the hell out of our apartments and speak with each other again; assuming we haven’t forgotten how to behave around each other as well.

Are you really going in for a handshake Ramona? That’s so inconsiderate of you, millions have died in Europe. That’s just so rude and impolite.

Nevertheless, it’s good to dream that this day will come, but until then I have also been taking some courses on LinkedIn to practice my negotiation skills. How else am I going to convince someone who’s hoarding toilet paper in the supermarket that I just need one of his ten panic-buys because I have a really small bladder, drink a lot of water and REALLY need to pee every two minutes?

Yes. Take some online courses. Practice. Study, believe you’ll get there!

That toilet paper can be yours!

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