Week 1

At this point, I’m only writing because I have nothing else to do: I’ve finished working, cooked dinner, ate while watching Netflix’s “100 humans” and here I am typing this sentence with no purpose whatsoever.

I was thinking earlier how it would feel if I wrote a blog post once a week to talk about quarantine time. It would be some sort of diary during apocalyptic times – or war times. Something like that. It sounds more dramatic to me when I put it this way; and I like dramatic things. Well, no worries, it doesn’t have to be perfectly written updates, just me blabbering about whatever the hell is on my mind. Sounds nice?

I bet future me -considering I would survive this pandemic- would read these quarantine blog posts, and well, laugh… I suppose.

Hey, future me, are you there?

If you are, please delete all these blog posts the way you shamefully delete your Facebook memories.

In any case…

I miss my family.

Not only am I not able to travel to see them due to the COVID-19 outbreak – okay, sounds super fancy writing its name this way, when in fact I call it the bullshit-thing-keeping-me-from-leaving-home – but my family is also not able to come visit me due to Lebanon’s horrible financial & economical crisis. I’m not so sure what to call that situation either. Recession, crisis, great depression, bad decision after the other? Yes, kind of.

Wait a minute.

Why am I eager to leave home? Wasn’t I the best introvert the world ever knew?
Oh surprise surprise, here I am being dramatic again.

I’m not sure what changed, I now *coughs* enjoy *mhm* hanging out with humans. It baffles me that I am able to miss human connection.
A few years ago I was fine just talking to myself all day.

Then again, if I hadn’t metamorphosed into an extrovert, I wouldn’t be able to withstand the tremendous amount of phone calls as a customer service agent all day.

In conclusion dear diary, I’m now an extrovert who misses her family during corona times, stuck in a country with 20,000 confirmed cases so far, unable to leave home, working, eating, and about to type the last sentence in this blog post.

What’s next?

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