He Doesn't Buy Me Flowers Anymore!

He doesn’t buy me flowers anymore, I thought to myself.

Why did I ever think that women needed flowers and a box of chocolate every once in a while for any relationship to be good?
It must be the cheesy movies I’ve watched, I realized.

To tell you the truth, I won’t find my husband in the kitchen, preparing some delicious pasta and surprising me with a romantic dîner à la chandelle, and I won’t have flowers on the bed as we come back from a perfect date by the lake.

But I learned to look for the smallest details, the ones that matter. Trust me, when you look for them, you’ll understand true love.

My husband will always remember the tiniest details about me, even when I think he’s not listening.
He’ll come home with my favorite comfort food when I’m down without me asking, look at the messy apartment and ask how my day was, not one word about the laundry.
He knows I’ll take care of that when I’m feeling better. He understands.

I get sweeter things than chocolate.

He’ll carry the supermarket bags, book us a vacation when he feels my anxiety going up, and remind me how strong and beautiful I am on days when I feel bad.

He will even take pictures of me and tell me how to pose, because he knows I enjoy it.

I get nicer things than flowers.

He’ll take care of me when I need him, time after time, without ever complaining about any of it.

He’ll take me to my favorite Lebanese restaurant in Berlin because he knows I miss a good Man’oushe, and remembers how I like my coffee.

He will book us two tickets to go watch Taylor Swift when I know she’s not his favorite, and put my favorite songs to cheer me up while I’m doing the dishes he knows I despise.

I got him, and he’s the romance itself.

These things mean more to me than flowers and chocolate ever will, because they’re there to stay.

So if you’re wondering why you’re not getting those flowers, remember to look in the details.

I know I do.

I always will.

To Tawa, I love you.


Blog Post inspired by lovewhatmatters.com

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