Here's 26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

Hey, it’s me again.

Not for a travel blog post, not to talk about my German language skills either!

I’m here to tell you all the things I learned in the 26 past years of my life, number one being walking and talking if we’re being honest. LOL.

No but really, sharing this with you is important to me. I get to share what each experience in my life taught me, and you might consider or relate to any of it, think about it and then add some more of your own.
Speaking of which, I asked you on my IG account to tell me your life lessons and as promised, they’re shared at the end of this blog post. So let’s get to it!

1) Family over anyone.

2) Health is the only thing that matters. Everything else comes after!

3) Being happy is when you wake up and decide to be happy, shitty things will still happen: it’s you who gets to ignore it or let it make you miserable.

4) Ignoring negative people needs practice. You’ll fail and let them back many times before you can finally say “I’m done”.

5) Controlling your thoughts is even harder, but possible.

6) If you let yourself care about someone who does not care about you, you might actually end up doing something really bad: caring about someone who does not care about you.

7) People will always disappoint you because you expect too much from them, even when it seems too little.

8) You were born this way: an artist, a business man/woman, a party animal, a bookworm, a social butterfly or an introvert, happy and anxious.
Whatever it is that you are, it’s what makes you unique. Embrace it, enjoy it.

9) Some people won’t understand what it’s like to be you: it’s not your job to explain it to them.

10) Don’t rush anything to happen. Que sera sera.

11) People you know or used to know might seem different, but they’re really not. They don’t change, they learn how to hide things better.

12) A perfect body is just one you’re comfortable in. Nothing more.

13) Exercise doesn’t have to be 30 minutes on a treadmill and 20 push ups, it can be whatever you enjoy: swimming, cycling, jogging, basketball or tennis. Find something you like and do it.

14) Drink your water.

15) Take care of your skin.

16) Smile more, even more than that!

17) You might think one problem is the end of the world, until the next problem hits you.
It rarely ever matters, so don’t worry all the time.

18) Move on and forget things that once upset you. Don’t dwell on the past.

19) It’s never too late to start over and do what YOU want.

20) Stop trying hard to impress, if they won’t know your worth they shouldn’t know you at all.

21) It’s time again! Drink your water.

22) Second chances will turn into fifty chances. How many before you get tired?

23) You can do it! That thing you always think of in the back of your mind? You thought you couldn’t do it, didn’t you? Well you can. Keep trying.

24) A good effort is only good if it’s done for good people.

25) Laugh and live the best life you can, it’s yours, it’s short, and you WILL run out of time.

26) Don’t let a bad five minutes turn into a bad 24 hours. Inhale, exhale. Let it out.


27) People you meet online aren’t always bad, give them a chance but also stay safe.
The night is dark and full of terrors.

Anything to add to those life lessons? Let me know in the comments!

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