5 Ways For You To Reduce Plastic Usage!


You don’t really know how much plastic you’re using until you try to live without it.
Even when you recycle, some tossed items don’t even end up being reused!
Many recyclables are ending up in landfills, or worse: in our oceans.

By 2050, our oceans will have more plastic than fish. 

This is why, even though recycling seems like a good idea, reducing plastic usage should be your main goal.


1. Stop buying plastic bottled water.

I know how it seems faster and easier to buy 5 bottles a day instead of refilling the same one over and over again, but honestly, is it really the best option out there?
Plastic isn’t only bad for the planet, it’s not good for you either!
Bottled water companies may use BPA-free plastic, but other chemicals can seep out if bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for too long. (i.e: those bottles you leave around in your car.)
So carry a reusable bottle, save money, the planet and yourself.

Note: This also applies to coffee cups in cafés! Ask for a paper cup, or use your own thermos!
Sounds great, right?

2. Bring reusable bags to the supermarket.

Everyone already knows how important this is and yet, many people (including me) tend to forget about it. What I found helpful is just keeping one bag in my purse in case I decide to pass by the grocery store!
Another thing that you can do is, skip using plastic bags to put your vegetables in.
Try to combine them all in one bag if you HAVE to.

Reusable bags are the new cool thing. Jump on board.

Don’t know what I mean by reusable bags? Click here to see your options.

3. Rethink your food storage.

Plastic zipper bags, plastic containers and cling film all have a better substitute.
Why not use jars or glass containers?

4. Say no to plastic straws and cutlery.

You just ordered food but you’re home, at the office, or at your friends’ place and you know they already have cutlery.
Let the restaurant know you don’t need them!

Tip for Lebanese readers: Did you know that you have that option when ordering from Zomato?

Plastic straws aren’t that better either. They’re bad for our oceans.
Why don’t you get bamboo or stainless steel ones, and simply let your bartender know you’d rather drink without one.
AliExpress link for Bamboo Straws
Amazon link for Bamboo Straws
AliExpress link for Stainless Steel Straws
Amazon link for Stainless Steel Straws

5. Try a bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic.

I still need to get a bamboo toothbrush myself, but doesn’t that sound better than using a plastic one that goes to “recycling”? In fact, toothbrushes are a very common piece of trash to find in the ocean. Disgusting! I can’t wait to receive mine from Amazon.

Tip: Reuse your old plastic toothbrushes to clean around your house!

So, these were my top five ways to reduce plastic usage! I hope you can find them easy to add in your life.
Let this year be the year in which you go green!
Don’t stress out about being perfect, nobody is. But take baby steps and you’ll get there because these decisions will slowly become your new lifestyle! 🙂

Remember, this isn’t about judging plastic users, this is about encouraging the help of our planet 🙂

See you next time x


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