My Vagina, My Life.

There’s a weird wave of scandals going on in this country and it’s only getting worse, mainly because Lebanese “men” think it’s okay to share a PDF describing your sex life to the world, or a sex tape you took together when you were both enjoying what seemed to be a good moment.

As if violating an innocent woman’s privacy isn’t enough, people think it’s normal to share that PDF or video on texting apps and shame a person whose life is forever ruined.
To the people who did that I say:
-What couples decide to do in the privacy of their own bedrooms is none of your damn business. Stop sharing these things because you’re only making it worse.
-What a woman decides to do with her own body is none of your damn business.
-It’s never a woman’s fault when a douchebag of a man violates her privacy.
-It’s not okay to judge, she’s a human being.
-Women are entitled to have sex with men, or other women, just in case you think that’s also a subject for shaming.

It’s 2019 and some people still think that just because they waited to get married to have sex, that everyone else will be waiting as well.
It’s 2019 and some people assume dirty talk and taking videos only happens in their fantasies.
It’s 2019 and some close-minded old man with a very unhealthy lifestyle (because saying a man with a keresh would make me a body-shaming blogger and we wouldn’t want that) who probably cheats on his wife or disrespects her and jerks off to porn online decides that girls don’t get to choose what to do with their bodies.

Well, you’re all up for a big surprise because even though you won’t admit it, GIRLS GET TO DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR OWN BODIES AND YOUR OPINION IN THE MATTER MEANS NOTHING.

That poor woman’s life is ruined, her dad and brother are going after her trying to kill her and people still find the time to make this about her instead of capturing and judging the misogynistic asshole who shared this in the first place.

Dear “men”,

Grow up, show some respect, and start standing by women who -JUST AS YOU BY THE WAY-have sexual needs.
Don’t go telling me that you are allowed to have premarital sex and women aren’t, because that only tells us one of the following: you’re either having gay sex (not that it’s wrong but wtf are you doing judging women?), lying about having sex, or simply having sex with foreign women who are “allowed to have premarital sex because they live elsewhere.” I don’t see how that makes any sense but pick your answer and let me know, or pick your brains off the ground on your way out of this post.

Mel x


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