Letter To My Family

It’s finally time, and it’s harder than all the times we’ve said goodbye before. Not because you won’t see me for a while, but because this goodbye is the one we’ve been trying to ignore.

It’s the goodbye that makes it all official and true.

For 9 months we waited and waited impatiently for my visa to come, and now I realized that we will be waiting and waiting impatiently to see each other again.

But this isn’t a sad letter, I’m not here to make you cry! I’m not the first nor the last one to leave this country-where everything seems like a never ending punishment, and I know that you’re aware of that. After all you encouraged me to find my happiness elsewhere, because you’ve tried so hard to find a shred of joy in this miserable jungle and failed.

I’m writing to tell you about all the things you think are going to change, but aren’t really going to. I will probably miss some of your birthdays, I won’t be there when something hilarious happens, and I won’t be there when you need an extra hand at home. Some years I will have to skip Easter or Christmas, and I might miss family reunions and those Sunday road trips and lunches.

But here’s the thing, every time you’re on a road trip and the car feels one person lighter, and every day you wish I was there to laugh at those inside jokes, are times when I’m one phone call away.

It’s harder for me to say goodbye because you’re all here together and I’m the one missing piece of the puzzle, but I have plans of making this puzzle expand so big you won’t even know what happened.

Days will come when we will remember this and laugh, goodbyes will hurt less, and hopefully prices of tickets too! 😂

I know I’m making you proud, but I hope I’m not making you sad in the process.

Things will get better, just promise me to take care ♥️

I love you forever

Your mallouss.

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