What I Eat In One Week.

Many of you asked me about how I recently lost weight -from 68kgs to 60kgs so far- and so I decided to share with you my healthy lifestyle.

I don’t like calling it a diet because I believe it should be a way of living and not a punishment. I lost 8kgs in one year (so slowly) because I wasn’t in a rush as much as I was looking for the perfect lifestyle to follow.

Even though 68kgs don’t seem like a lot for someone who’s height is 172cm, but when you eat junk food, drink a lot of beer and skip exercise, most of the 68kgs will be fat.
I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to take care of my body because it’s the only place I’m going to live in 24/7.

I spent last night writing what I eat, day by day, and I discovered that it does not feel like a hard challenge at all. I eat breakfast, a snack, lunch, another snack, and dinner. All before 7pm, because after that I would rather drink water and call it a day.
You will also find 6 days instead of 7 since I consider Sundays cheat days! I allow myself to have that or else I know I won’t commit.
I also allow myself one beer per week, because well…let’s face it, I live in Berlin.

Now, I don’t want anyone following my plan blindly.
Everyone’s body is different, reacts differently, and I urge you to consult a dietitian who can examine you and tell you what your body needs.

But out of curiosity for you all, I did write it.
The plan is almost always the same except for lunch, it’s never the same thing twice but you get the idea.

Girls, if you have PCOS and insulin resistance, this plan would suit you. 

Please take care of yourself and don’t forget to drink water, I drink from 2-3L per day depending on what my body needs and the activities of the day. (I workout 3 times per week and take a walk for one hour every day).

Download and save my plan here:

Melissa’s Healthy Lifestyle

I love you all

Mel x

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