Strong Like A Woman.

Repeat after me: I’m strong. Say it again, and again. Say it till you believe it, say it till you understand how true it is.

I’m strong when I say no, and strong when I say yes.
I’m strong when I don’t let people mistreat me, and when I don’t respond to their bullshit.
If I fall, I will stand back up and keep going. I will rise stronger than ever because that’s what I do best, I am a survivor and not a victim.
There is nothing I can’t achieve, my ambitions are high and so are my standards.

I will stand up for myself, but I will also stand up for others. I know what I believe in and I will fight for it until there is no power left in me to fight.
I will scream till I’m heard and will stand my ground. I’m not a bitch for saying the truth, I’m not rude for speaking my mind.
I hear you trying to bring me down, but I will never apologize for being who I am. You’re only helping me grow!

I will love fiercely, I will forgive and make mistakes, this is who I am.
I went through hell and back to become the person I am today, so I am fearless. Independent. Beautiful inside out.
But most importantly, I am strong.

Strong like a woman.


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