Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone, Was It Actually Horrible?

I never thought that I’d do ANYTHING other than the things I know I can control.
Being in a safe place where everything is predictable was my thing, and yet
I ended up doing the exact opposite of that.

Let’s go back in time for a minute.
I like to compare my personality now to how it was in 2013 because it’s not a long time ago and yet it feels to me like another lifetime. Back then, even dreaming about a time when I would do things differently was out of the question. Risks were futile and dangerous, and so I would stick to a routine-one I can’t stand right now.

At some point, I realized how unhealthy that was. I was working but I didn’t feel like that job was the one that suits me the most. I was going out with friends but I knew that I don’t really get along with all of them. I had many goals in life, and yet I was too petrified to take action.
I wanted to meet new people but I told myself that my circle is fine the way it is right now. I wanted to write more, but I was afraid I’d fail.
If someone asked me, I answered without hesitation that I was happy, and I was.

But does happiness mean the predictable and anticipated?

To put it briefly, this is what I ended up doing once I knew I had to let go of that feeling of safety:

I quit my job in February 2018 and left my family in May 2018 to go live in Europe. I started learning and speaking German- a language that seemed like a nightmare to me once- and began watching TV series that weren’t in English. It was weird at first, but I mean just imagine Ross and Rachel arguing in German!
I cooked recipes I never tried before, and I said no to things I didn’t want to do.
I started having every difficult conversation face to face instead of texting it, stopped talking to people who were draining me and decided to take some free time and do nothing.
I got chills just writing that last one because having nothing to do is the exact horror I used to avoid before.

But here’s what I learned about getting out of your comfort zone.

It will help you grow because you push yourself and discover what you’re actually capable of.

You will discover new things you love, and some old habits you want to get rid of.

When things don’t go perfectly or you fail, you will learn how to be strong.

Patience is key, and it won’t be long before this new step you’re taking becomes your current comfort zone, and so on.

Some time ago, doing all of that seemed like a disaster and a horrible thing to do.
But it isn’t horrible, it is liberating.

If you think you can’t do it, I’m here to tell you that you can.
Do it in small steps, it takes courage to face the unknown but anyone can break that fear and do something new every day, try something different and experiment with new projects.
It’s not the same if you’re anxious on top of that, so I totally understand you.

But if I did it, so can you! 🙂
So what will your first step be?

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