Letter To My Younger Self

Dear 15-year-old me,

It’s 2019 and you are turning 26 this year.
You’re married, living in Europe, away from this country just as you wanted!
It’s not as easy as you imagined it would be, but your husband makes it all worth it.
Yes, you found the love of your life, and he’s wonderful. He’s smart, funny, but most importantly kind.

I’m not sure if you wanted me to give you a glimpse of the future, but knowing how anxious you must be I thought it would be a good idea.
I know now why you’re so anxious all the time, I understand you and understand why you act the way that you do.

I’m writing to tell you not to worry. Do not exhaust yourself with thoughts that aren’t anything but fear. Go see that psychologist earlier, you need it to become a better version of yourself as soon as possible.

Appreciate your parents more, they are ready to die for you, they love you more than anything.

It’s okay if you failed that test, sometimes your mental health is more important and you need to give yourself time to relax.

You don’t need to follow any trend, you’re cool enough without all that crap!

It might look like that small problem is the end of the world, but it’s nothing compared to what life is going to throw at you. You need to be strong.

Focus more in history classes, you will find it interesting one day, just saying.

Don’t listen to rumors, gossip or bullying. They mean nothing, and they should not affect you. Don’t gossip either, and stay out of the drama, it’s not who you are.

Be yourself! If people aren’t going to love you for who you are, to hell with them.

Be kind and smile, please. It’s good for the soul, it attracts positive energy and positive people.

Sleeeeeeeeeeep, please sleep.

In high school, your parents are going to drag you out of class and fly you to Athens in the middle of your midterms, just because they love you and want you to be happy. ENJOY THAT.
Don’t give a damn what your classmates think of you, it’s none of their business.

Don’t expect anything from anyone, some people will always disappoint you. Don’t trust anyone, some people will always betray you. Don’t give second chances, you’re too sensitive for that sh*t.

Make no excuses and find a way. Nobody knows what they’re doing, they just look like they are.

Meditate! Start early, do yourself a favor. It will help with the anger and anxiety.

Lastly, be bold. Stand up for yourself, say what’s on your mind, say no when you need it, and don’t soften when people start pouring their sh*t on you. You’re stronger than that.

I love you and I hope you learn to love yourself even sooner!

What would you tell your younger self?

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