Shall We Talk About This?

Living in Lebanon isn’t exactly every homosexual’s dream.
It’s a country in which every emotion has to stay at rest and every feeling has to be ignored and every thought has to be repressed.
I wonder if one day I’ll ever walk in the streets of my hometown Gemmayzeh, and see two girls holding hands, or two guys happily doing whatever the hell they want without getting judged.

You don’t have to be a homosexual to understand that this is an important issue.

It bothers me that some Lebanese people still don’t understand that it’s not just a phase. It’s not a trend people are following, and it’s not something they can simply change with a click of a button.
How are you accusing someone of choosing who to want, who to love, and who not to love? What kind of accusation is this?
Is it supposed to hurt? Cause it doesn’t.
It only makes you sound immature and narrow-minded.
I mean, do you really think that a person who identifies as homosexual CHOSE to be that way in a society that bullies and harasses and judges?
When did you choose to be straight?

People are so preoccupied with judging, they forget to take a look at themselves.
If you’re straight, that’s good for you.
If you’re gay, that’s good for you.
If you’re bi, that’s good for you.
If you’re a homophobe, that’s good for nothing.

I’ve seen homophobia all around me for the past couple of years in Lebanon, but I’ve also seen guys kissing in the bus in Berlin, girls holding hands in Italy and France.And let me tell you one thing, we might have the parties and the beaches and all the fun, but they have got something we won’t easily have anytime soon: a perfect mentality.

I can’t even believe I have to discuss this.

And as much as I’d like to keep explaining to everyone reading this that being homosexual isn’t even a debatable matter, I’d like to stop using labels and continue with my blog post as I would if it were about anything else. You wouldn’t hear me say the word “straight” a bazillion times.
The fight of Love vs The World continues, and I’m rooting for the best feeling in the world, one that you get and wouldn’t want to let go of, one that breaks us and shapes us.
Love isn’t a decision you make, it’s butterflies in your stomach and a heart beating so fast it makes you dizzy.
Let people love, let people be.
It’s 2019.

To everyone who disagrees with me, I’m not saying I can’t understand your point of view. I do. We were born and raised in this society, so every reaction is expected. But for the sake of love, keep your opinion to yourself. You don’t have to agree with everything.
But don’t be hateful, don’t point fingers, and stop using words that you wouldn’t like using on your own daughter/son/brother/sister.
You have no idea how much your words affect other people, you stab them in the heart every time you shame, and yet you act as if you’re the “normal” one.

What’s normal really?


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