Inner Peace.

I’m sitting in my red chair, writing this blog post as it pours rain outside for the first time in weeks. The windows are open and they’re letting in the beautiful smell of rain.
I am a winter person.

All I can think of right now is: life can be unfair at times, but with just the right amount of gratitude in my heart, I can survive about anything.
I don’t know where that’s coming from right now, maybe I got emotional all of a sudden, and maybe it’s just the sound of rain and the cozy feeling that comes with it and brings life to these thoughts.
I am a winter person.

I used to believe that everything in life happens when it’s supposed to happen and that there’s nothing I can do about it.
Following a life-changing event for me, I stopped thinking that way.
I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. A reason we might not know or understand for the moment being, but one with a long-term purpose.
The choices I make have an impact on my life, but some things will always be out of my control: I have to accept that.

Some people pray, some people party, some drink to forget how overwhelming life can be, and others do them all three.
In my opinion, finding calm within chaos is a true miracle.
Here I am, in the middle of chaos, with my head spinning and my hands trembling, listening to the sound of rain and slowly finding inner peace.
I am a winter person.

Berlin on 9/8/2018.

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