Week 2

Does anybody else feel like they have forgotten how to plan a day out? It’s the second week of quarantine and I’m starting to feel different.My body is getting used to this “trapped” routine of mine and I don’t know how to feel about it. Now, as promised, some updates: Today I’ve decided that this… Continue reading Week 2

He Doesn't Buy Me Flowers Anymore!

He doesn’t buy me flowers anymore, I thought to myself. Why did I ever think that women needed flowers and a box of chocolate every once in a while for any relationship to be good? It must be the cheesy movies I’ve watched, I realized. To tell you the truth, I won’t find my husband… Continue reading He Doesn't Buy Me Flowers Anymore!

10 Tips For Every Bride To Be

I’ve already shared this on my instagram post, but to keep it in reach I decided to share it again on my blog! Before I begin though, I’d like to congratulate every bride to be & wish you all the happiness in this new adventure you’re about to begin :). There’s nothing better than sharing… Continue reading 10 Tips For Every Bride To Be

3 Things You Should Know Before Moving Abroad

It’s easy to look at the bright side of things when you’ve just moved out of your country, but if you ever wonder what challenges you could face on the long and short term, I can name three for the time being! Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. These are the 3 things you need to… Continue reading 3 Things You Should Know Before Moving Abroad

Berlin in Pictures

I find myself wandering in Berlin and taking pictures that I end up falling in love with. I use my iPhone X, then edit them using Lightroom (mobile app). I’m sharing some of them with you today, in hope that you would visit this city soon! Berlin, I love you.

Here's 26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

Hey, it’s me again. Not for a travel blog post, not to talk about my German language skills either! I’m here to tell you all the things I learned in the 26 past years of my life, number one being walking and talking if we’re being honest. LOL. No but really, sharing this with you… Continue reading Here's 26 Things I Learned in 26 Years